About Us


Our Story:

Established in 2019 by Nascar driver Trevor Bayne, Mahalo Coffee Roasters was born out of a deep love for specialty coffee. Bayne's vision was to “bring the west coast east”, via a surf-inspired roastery back in his hometown in Knoxville, TN. Inspired by the warmth and gratitude expressed in Hawaiian culture he experienced while visiting the islands, the name "Mahalo" was chosen as a reminder to be thankful for the support of friends and the community. With a focus on supporting international coffee farmers and educating the community on "third wave coffee," Mahalo Coffee Roasters strives to deliver profound coffee experiences to its customers.

Our Unique Approach:

We are dedicated to a pursuit of excellence, in whatever ways that can be translated in the world of specialty coffee. Our team is committed to staying ahead of the curve, always seeking the next step to improve and provide the best products for our customers. Emphasizing customer service and latte art skills, it's our daily goal to create a welcoming and enjoyable coffee experience in our cafes. The coffee beans are sourced from importers who share our ethics and values, with a special focus on connecting with the farmers personally to establish a deeper relationship with the origin of each coffee.

Our Commitment to Quality and Community:

We roast our beans light to medium, following the philosophy of a "third wave coffee shop." Regular coffee tastings or "cuppings" are held by our team to make sure we are always learning and refining our coffee palate. While the roastery has yet to win any awards, locals frequently recommend it as the best coffee shop in Knoxville. Sustainability and ethical practices are core values at Mahalo, and we put our values to action by consistently paying more than fair trade prices to the farmers they work with, as well as highlighting their names and stories to our customers when selling their coffees. Our everyday philosophy towards customer service is grounded in treating everyone who walks through the doors with equal care and respect, aiming to leave them “better than when they walked in”.

Looking Ahead:

Mahalo Coffee Roasters remains committed to impacting the community through the medium of coffee. The roastery envisions continued learning, sharing, and the enjoyment of coffee, ensuring that our passion for the industry translates into meaningful connections with our customers and the local community. In 2023, the roastery underwent a transition of ownership, with Dale Harold, a friend and fellow business owner (Ham ‘N Goodys), taking the helm. Under Dale's leadership, Mahalo continues to grow and empower its employees, offering opportunities for personal and professional growth within the coffee enthusiast community.

With the spirit of gratitude and a dedication to improving the coffee experience, Mahalo Coffee Roasters is poised to create a lasting impact on the coffee culture of Knoxville and beyond. Through our ongoing commitment to learning, sharing, and drinking coffee, we’re promising to continue delivering exceptional experiences, one cup at a time.