Panela Sticky (Limited Release!) 12oz Whole Bean

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Type: Coffee


Origin: Colombia

Region: Quindío

Farm: Cafe 1959

Farmer: Jose Giraldo

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Process: double washed, triple fermentation (72 hours)

We’re super stoked to release another coffee from our friend and legendary coffee producer, Jose Giraldo of Cafe 1959. This coffee was produced specifically to highlight the genetic qualities of the pink bourbon variety of coffee, and it is an exceptional coffee. This coffee has notes of banana bread, honeysuckle, cherry and panela. This is one of the sweetest coffees we’ve tasted - with our director of coffee, Jake, saying that it is the best coffee he has had this year.

To better tell the story of this coffee, we interviewed Jose at his coffee lab in Quindio, Colombia. Here is the story of how Jose named this coffee:

“The fact why I call it ‘panela sticky’,” explains Jose, “Is because I was trying to pursue a super nice, sweet coffee with a lot of character while not over-processing the coffee. I focused on the specific variety - pink bourbon - more than the processing. I wanted to showcase the genetic qualities of the pink bourbon with some processing on it, but maintain a deep focus on highlighting the sweetness and the delicate notes that are inherent in the pink bourbon variety. So, the first time I tried that coffee, the aroma reminded me of the smell of panela (unrefined cane sugar). The ‘sticky’ was chosen in order to create a funny name, or easy name, or viral name in order to explain the feeling in the mouth of the body of the coffee. So really sugar-like, ‘sticky,’ something around that mouthfeel.”

And, here is how he and his team processed the coffee:

“We split the fermentation into three steps,” explains Jose. “First, we pick the beans as cherries and put them into anaerobic fermentation for 24 hours. When the 24 hours pass, we pulp the coffee, and we put it again into anaerobic fermentation for another 24 hours. When another 24 hours passes, we wash and rinse the coffee, and we put it again into another 24 hour anaerobic fermentation. At the end of the third step, we just wash it very well and put the coffee into a super slow drying stage."

If you would like to send a message to Jose, leave it in the notes during checkout! We're here to help bridge the gap between producers and final coffee drinkers. We'll send your message to him!

At Mahalo Coffee Roasters, we take pride in partnering with farmers who produce phenomenal coffees, ethically sourcing beans from sustainable farms across the globe, and pursuing excellence in all that we do. Our expert roasters carefully craft each batch to bring out the distinct flavors and aromas that are inherent and nuanced in every coffee that we offer.

When we find special coffees like Panela Sticky, they’re here for a fun time and not a long time… so buy some today!

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